Weight Loss – Some Facts About Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Weight loss is first a mental decision. If you are decided to do it. Congratulations! You take the best decision of your life.

You need to be motivated, inspired and feeling good about your decision to lose weight. That is the first step to success.

More than 65% in the United State is obese. Obesity has become a global epidemic. Obesity is defined as more than 25% body fat for men and 32% body fat for women. So we need to ask ourselves what is going on here? What is happening? Because of this, people are looking out new nontraditional ways to lose weight. The internet is now one of the most powerful force to do it.

Weight Loss

Weight Loss

It does not matter if you want to lose 10 pounds or 200 pounds, in the internet you can find all the external tools you need to meet your goal. There are many more options available now. It does not matter if you are vegan or love to eat meat. There exists a variety of methods that can satisfy your needs.

We have to remember that it does not matter the way our body is now, weight loss can be achieved. Also, is very important to learn to love and accept our body the way it is now.


Weight Loss And Metabolism

Your metabolism is everything in your weight loss efforts. Have you ever noticed how some people can eat whatever they want and stay slim, while other people have to check every single thing they eat to keep up a healthy body weight? I mean, nothing against that blessed people who have a wonderful metabolism but as you know, not all human beings are like that. so what happens?

In recent years it has been discovered that our RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) determines the number of calories that our body needs to burn at rest throught the day.

We need to raise our RMR to lose weight and in recent years genetics dont play a big role anymore because we can unlock more potential with our minds.

In the recent years, it has been discovered that stress affects our weight body. More higher the stress, more we gain weight. So relaxation is one of the key to lose weight. We need to find out what it works for us to cut the unnecessary stress in our lives.

Weight Loss And Sleep

You may ask yourselves what is the importance of sleep well when you want to lose weight.. We need to sleep in order to secrete growth hormone into our body. People who don’t sleep enough after years can become glucose intolerant. This create water retention and its the first step in creating excess fat store. So we need to get some sleep beginning today.

Weight Loss And Health

For most of us, our primary motivation for weight loss is our appearance, but the truth is that is very important to maintain health and to fight diseases. Medical evidence shows that obesity is a major threat to health and longevity.


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