Are MiO water enhancers bad for you while trying to lose weight?

seltzerr Asked: Are MiO water enhancers bad for you while trying to lose weight?

I get bored with water, but i want to drink 8 cups a day. So, i have started to use MiO. I am trying to lose weight and I was wondering if MiO is bad for you or has any ingredients that may hold back weight loss.


Hachi Answered:
They are bad for you in general. They are packed full of artificial sweeteners and preservatives. The only zero calorie sweetener that is remotely good for you is stevia. This is because it's not chemically altered like all the other ones. It's just like sugar in the sense that it is ground from a plant and then packaged to sell. Stevia comes from the stevia plant. Now a better alternative is tea. Get the caffeine free kind and get a large pitcher and put a lot of hot water in it and steep the tea bags. Or you can do what I do and buy a coffee machine and just put the tea bags up top so it perfectly steeps the tea so you don't over do it and make it bitter. Then sweeten the batch with a pinch of stevia and your good to go. My pot makes 4 cups so 2 of those would get you to 8 cups a day easily. I've had 10 already.

Kay Sha Answered:
hey,i know i may not be able to stop you so ill answer this anyways.

if yo drink water and milk, your body will hold on to every nuitrient it can get, including fat. Milk is high in fat so though yould lose some weight you wouldnt as much as you did with water.

PLEASE READ.when you dont eat your body goes into starvation, so eat starts eating your mucles. so your losing weight, but its from you mucles. plus when you eat again you body will hold on to fat/sugars because its scared youll fast again and youll gain a crapload of weight/FAT . So youll be waaaaay worse off than before.the more mucles you have the more calories you burn while just sitting around.TRUST ME ON THIS.

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