Has anybody ever tried Rapide 60 – Weightloss.

Kelly Asked: Has anybody ever tried Rapide 60?

For weight loss..did it work?


Mitsu Answered:
jeez, whats with the caps?

anyways, I do agree with this generation being promiscuous, people should value themselves and not just have sex to pleasure themselves. however, the whole eye deterioration/weight gain sounds a little off to me..

Tom Dran Answered:

jysnkay Answered:
ok lets do it!……….but wait……..how?

wattyler Answered:
Homophobe alert

Dont call me dude Answered:
"Sex is not a very intellectual activity."

You're doing it wrong.

Im a FAKE Answered:
A little history lesson: Do you know what kind of civilizations progressed the most in science, math, and literature? Think about it… The Romans, the Egyptians, Europe and America during the Enlightenment, etc. Those sexually promiscuous cultures gave us incredible advancements. Now think of what we gained from sexually prude cultures: the Salem witch trials, the Dark Ages, etc.

In short, I think you need to stop caring about what other people do with their d*cks and mind your own business.

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