Why has my hair become thin and limp :- Weightloss.

Adam Asked: Why has my hair become thin and limp?

Hi folks, so when I was little kid I used to have really thick and curly hair from age 1-5 but then later itflattened out( perhaps because my folks used to cut my hair quite frequently ) though it was stillreally thick and full. I am now 21 and weigh 150 pounds, I weighed 210 pounds when I was 19 and up till then my hair was quite thick and full but now it is has thinned out quite a lot and at times when I stand in direct light , you can see my scalp. Its not that I am bald lol its just that my hairlooks rather sparse . I don't smoke , drink or do drugs and my eating habits are quite normal in the sense that I don't eat junk food . I noticed this change after I decided to lose the weight and change my eating habits. Prior to the weight loss my my diet was mainly oily foods and now not so much lol so I think maybe that has something to do with this . Is there anything I can do to enhance my hair growth ? your feedback would be much appreciated 😀


Anil Answered:
use arnica hair oil. don't worry itis genetic effect.

Michelle Answered:
This could be from one of two main reasons. One major one is that you've recently lost a lot of weight; when a body loses a lot of weight it takes a while for it to adjust. It could just be that your body naturally thinned out the hair while it was undergoing these changes. The other reason could be that while you lost all this weight, your testosterone was lowered. This frequently causes hair thinning. This could natually even out, or it may be something to discuss with your doctor.

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